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A snapshot of the Wild Wild West gallops into town on June 20th – 23rd with the 63rd annual Rodeo de Santa Fe!  This exciting event continues to be one of the top professional rodeos in the country.  With a variety of events spanning three days, there is certainly something for everyone.

To kick-off the events, the Rodeo de Santa Fe Parade will make it’s way through downtown on Saturday, June 16th.  The parade’s elaborate floats and family-friendly presentation is just the beginning.  The first rodeo will begin on Wednesday evening.

You may be wondering what exactly you will see at the Rodeo.

Each evening will begin with the children’s Mutton Bustin’.  In this event, children are placed upon the top of a sheep, much like a bull rider.  The sheep runs to try to remove the child.  Ribbons are given to the child who manages to ride the sheep the longest.

Following are the various competitive adult rodeo events.  These performances include roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing, saddle and bareback bronco riding and bull riding.

Last year there were over 540 contestants, including several world champion cowboys.  There will also be some light-hearted entertainment by way of rodeo clowns and a scheduled rodeo Village People.  These comedic bits are interspersed between the competitive events and provide a hilarious, family-fun environment.

On the fourth and final day of the rodeo, there is the crowning of the Rodeo Queen.  The candidates are between the age of 18 and 25, and must demonstrate knowledge of the Rodeo, horsemanship, animal welfare, and be apt at public speaking.  The Rodeo Queen receives a $1,000 scholarship and a custom-made saddle, crown, and buckle.  This is followed by the final competitive events and an evening of music, dancing, and entertainment.

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