Join Us For the Annual Burning of Zozobra and Santa Fe Fiesta

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Burning of Zozobra Santa FeThe vibrant city of Santa Fe is a fun and exciting place to visit throughout the year, but summer is arguably the liveliest and best time for visitors to come for a taste of authentic  Santa Fe.  At over 400 years old, the city of Santa Fe has had plenty of time to cultivate the cultural ambiance prevelent throughout the city.  Summers in Santa Fe are full of enticing art markets and other art displays, the world-famous Santa Fe Indian Market, the beautiful sounds of the Santa Fe Opera, and the excitement of summer festivals.  One of the most popular of these summer festivals is the annual Burning of Zozobra, which is a fiery and exciting kick-off to the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe.  Book your room at Santa Fe’s El Farolito Bed and Breakfast Inn today, and reserve your place in Santa Fe during this exciting time of  year!

90th Annual Burning of Zozobra and the Santa Fe Fiesta

This year, join us at Fort Marcy Park for the 90th annual Burning of Zozobra Festival, and what is the kickoff to the annual excitement of The Santa Fe Fiesta.  On August 28th, join residents and visitors of Santa Fe alike for this exciting event.  Zozobra, otherwise referred to as Old Man Gloom, is the inspiration of artist Will Shuster, and was introduced as part of the Fiesta in 1926.  Todays embodiment of Zozobra is a 50 foot tall figure made of muslin, and stuffed with shredded paper.  As he is lit on fire, it is said that all of the feelings of gloom and doom over the past year burn with him, making the annual Burning of Zozobra a fun and festive event full of hope for the year to come.  The Burning of Zozobra is also a major fundraiser for the city of Santa Fe, which the Santa Fe Downtown Kiwanis Foundation has used to provide college scholarships, fund local youth projects, and provide camp fees for physically challenged children.

Burning of Zozobra Santa FeFollowing the Burning of Zozobra, join Santa Fe for the annual Santa Fe Fiesta, a 301 year old celebration, which commorates the history of Santa Fe, and De Vargas’ reoccupation of the city of Santa Fe in 1692.  Throughout the Santa Fe Fiesta, enjoy the many art markets, food booths, and other events held throughout Santa Fe over Labor Day Weekend.  Book your room today, so you don’t miss your chance to celebrate with Santa Fe this summer.


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