8 of the Best Things to Do in Santa Fe With Kids

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Young girl in the museumThere are always events and attractions available across Santa Fe, and several of these are catered to children. If you have the whole family with you on vacation, you will want to be able to entertain all audiences. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Santa Fe with kids!

8 Things to Do in Santa Fe With Kids

Santa Fe Children’s Museum

If you’re looking for things to do in Santa Fe with kids, the Santa Fe Children’s Museum should be at the top of the list. This hands-on museum provides interactive activities, displays, and exhibits that will teach and entertain kids of all ages. There is hopscotch, stargazing, legos, dinosaurs, storytelling, and more! The museum is currently under renovation and is having a grand re-opening in late spring with new programs and operations. Be on the lookout for a specific date!

Santa Fe Southern Railway

One of the best things to do in Santa Fe with the kids is ride the Santa Fe Southern Railway. Not only does this train take you past some beautiful New Mexico scenery, but you will be filled in on the history of passing locations by your car attendant. The 1920s railcars and old Santa Fe Depot create a link to the past. There is also a cash bar and snack tender if you need a drink after a weekend with the kids! We’ve got you covered.

Meow Wolf

The Meow Wolf Center for Contemporary Arts is a great place if you’re looking for things to do in Santa Fe with the kids. The theme of this art center is storytelling, and giant displays of ships and castles will take you right into a fairy tale! The work on display is a combination of a jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit. This place is also brand new, opening on March 17, 2016!

The Harrell House of Oddities & Bug Museum

The kids will love the Harrell House, which features a bug museum, interactive games and puzzles, a science shop, and more. Giant displays of everything from beetles to butterflies will wow, while education programs include daily animal feedings and weekly creepy creature features. Here, you can find a six-eyed sand spider, horny toad, and giant cave cockroaches. You are guaranteed to either be fascinated or freaked out!

Santa Fe Climbing Center

Having to deal with a lot of pent-up energy? Visiting the Santa Fe Climbing Center will be one of the more helpful things to do in Santa Fe with the kids when they are feeling rambunctious. New Mexico’s only indoor rock climbing gym features a bouldering room and top rope with a selection of routes for all levels of climbers. Ages 5 and up can participate,and you might as well join in the fun too!

Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary

The best part about these things to do in Santa Fe with the kids is that they are fun for the parents as well. This one will bring you relaxation through nature, while the kids will find it exciting to explore. The Audubon Center & Sanctuary conserves and restores natural ecosystems for birds and other New Mexico wildlife. With 542 species of birds in the state, you will see colors and wingspans of all shades and sizes. The center features hiking trails as gardens as well as docent-led tours of the house and studio.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas

Visiting a great interactive living history museum is a wonderful idea for things to do in Santa Fe with kids. Located on 200 acres of rural farming valley, the museum is a standing testament to the heritage and culture of 17th and 18th century New Mexico. With original colonial buildings, villagers dressed in period clothing, and live weaving, dancing, and musical displays, El Rancho de las Golondrinas will take you back in time and will thrill the kids!

Santa Fe Mountain Treasure Hunt

Santa Fe Mountain Adventures has a great activity for kids known as the Santa Fe Mountain Treasure Hunt. This family-focused geocaching experience will take you to hidden treasures at different locations. You will be briefed on how to use the GPS to find these secret spots, and at each new place, you will uncover a clue to the next destination!

Bring the Kids Back to El Farolito

Bring the whole family on vacation to El Farolito! With so many things to do in Santa Fe with kids, you and your children will be entertained during your entire trip. Book today and find out all that Santa Fe has to offer for your family!

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