Escape Into a Magical Story at Meow Wolf Santa Fe

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There is art galore at Meow Wolf Santa Fe, an innovative complex that has just gone through a wonderful recent renovation thanks to George R.R. Martin. This arts production company doesn’t just create art. It creates immersive, multimedia experiences that will transport audiences into fantastic realms of storytelling. Discover everything from a jungle gym to a haunted house as the line between art and entertainment fuses together. Fictional worlds are waiting to be explored at Meow Wolf Santa Fe!

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The Meow Wolf Story

The story of Meow Wolf Santa Fe begins in the creative imaginations of a group of artistic storytellers. The art complex is a truly unprecedented experience that will take you on a journey and inspire you in ways you could not even imagine. The DIY art group evolved with the help of a renowned celebrity who believe in its vision. George R.R. Martin purchased a vacant former bowling alley and allotted it to the art complex for various uses. Meow Wolf stands as a beacon of innovation, welcoming locals and tourists alike to take part in fun, enriching art experiences and workshops.

Describe Meow Wolf Santa Fe

Meow Wolf Santa Fe has been described as “the amusement park for people who want a weirder Disneyland.” In other words, it has been called a “strip mall from another dimension.” Whatever the art complex and its popular exhibit have been referenced as, there is no denying its ingenuity. Zig-zagging lines of vibrant color melds with massive metal sculptures and life-sized structures made of bizarre materials. Enter a whole new world when you walk into Meow Wolf Santa Fe and explore a magical piece of art created by over 130 local artists!

Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return

The shining star of Meow Wolf Santa Fe is the House of Eternal Return exhibit, which has been documented by the New York Times. This 20,000-square-foot interactive art experience is a house of fantasy and mystery. It feels at first as though you are walking into a typical home, but then it becomes something far more than that! The meticulously crafted wonderland features a variety of installations for you to encounter. A two-story Victorian house built from scratch is the entrance. Within, you will discover the home and life of a fictional family. Enter a break in the space-time continuum, and the interdimensional chaos ensues. Beware the animatronic eyeballs watching your every move!

After This One-of-a-Kind Experience, Return to Reality

Unfortunately, you must return to reality after you’ve thoroughly explored Meow Wolf. However, you can still remain on vacation! Retreat to El Farolito for a beautiful bed and breakfast within walking distance to many Santa Fe restaurants and attractions. Art is not all that Santa Fe has to offer! The culinary scene, shopping district at the Plaza, and historic buildings are also amazing to explore. It all begins by booking your stay at El Farolito!

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