Up, Up, and Away! Take Flight With the Santa Fe Balloon Company

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Ever wanted to soar to new heights? Well, now if your chance! During your vacation in Santa Fe, NM, you will have the unique opportunity to take to the skies. The Santa Fe Balloon Company offers incredible hot air balloon rides that will show you the scenes of the city and landscape from an entirely new perspective. Fly high in the sky as you participate in this thrilling experience during your Santa Fe vacation!

For more information on unique experiences to enjoy during your stay at El Farolito, you can download our free Vacation Guide. It features a variety of outdoor activities you are sure to love. From a tour with the Santa Fe Balloon Company to a hike in the Pecos National Historic Park, some exciting adventures await!

Take Flight With the Santa Fe Balloon Company!

From May through October, the Santa Fe Balloon Company offers early morning flights. Light winds and cool temperatures provide the ideal weather for a hot air balloon ride. One of the most colorful and respected balloon pilots in the country, your tour guide has soared the skies all around the world! You’ll be dazzled by the amazing sights and scenes as you whiz high above them all. This is a great exciting activity to enjoy with friends or a romantic adventure to partake with that someone special. Whoever you decide to fly with, you are sure to have a memorable experience!

More About Your Balloon Pilot

Johnny Lewis is one of the most experienced balloon pilots in the country with over 6,000 hours under his belt and a spotless safety record. Hailing from West Texas, he was drawn to the enchantment and beauty of Santa Fe! It’s hard to miss Johnny, decked out in a cowboy hat and boots and laying on his Texas charm to the guests. During his vivacious career, he has spoken at ballooning safety seminars, performed stunts in movies and documentaries, and even flown for an archaeological expedition.

New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival

If you’re looking to attend a fantastic event involving hot air balloons, then come into town for the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival! See some colorful balloons soar into the air during this premier local event. Hot air balloon pilots and crew will be launching their balloons. They’ll attempt to drop specified markers near chosen targets on the ground. Competitors will be using surface and upper-level winds to navigate their vessel towards these targets. They are all at least one mile away from the launching area. For a maximum distance double drop, competitors will try to drop two markers close together on different scoring areas. The shortest distance between will win the prize!

Retreat to El Farolito After Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Here at El Farolito, we offer a luxurious Southwestern charm as well as a delicious, gourmet breakfast each morning. Relax in our peaceful courtyard with a book to settle in nicely after a thrilling hot air balloon ride. Or walk down the street to the restaurants and shops of Santa Fe to refuel. Browse our rooms to discover which works best for your vacation plans!

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