Travel the Old Spanish Trail

Throughout Santa Fe’s long history of conquest and violence, the town has also been the main center of culture and civilization in the Southwest. Early settlers of this region have left a legacy of architecture and culture that today makes Santa Fe the most significant historic city in the American West, also making it a history lover’s playground.  Long before European explorers landed in North America, trade was a way of life throughout this region.  Thoughout history, the city of Santa Fe became the target of explorers and adventurers from the east who saw their glory there.  It was more than goods that were exchanged across these trade routes; ideas and culture were also exchanged, with trade at the heart of the region’s prosperity.  One of the many trade routes leading into Santa Fe is the Old Spanish Trail, an old pack-mule trail which linked Santa Fe to settlements in Northern Mexico.  Book your stay at the El Farolito Bed and Breakfast Inn, and spend a day or two exploring history along the Old Spanish Trail.

In an effort to preserve the Western Heritage found throughout Santa Fe, the Old Spanish Trail became the fifteenth national historic trail.  This trade route, which was primarily used between the years of 1829-1848 and was built upon older Indian trails, was primarily responsible for linking Northern Mexico and the Santa Fe region with Los Angeles and areas in Utah.  The Old Spanish Trail began in Santa Fe Plaza, then headed north towards Utah to avoid the Grand and Glen Canyons along the Colorado River, and then descended do to artesian springs in Las Vegas, then on into Los Angeles.  If you’d like to step back in time, the Old Spanish Trail Association has created an interactive map that will allow you to explore sites along the trail, such as the Taos Pueblo or the Ghost Ranch Education and Visitor Center.  The Old Spanish Trail Association has done a lot of work preserving the history along these routes, so those traveling along the trail today have the chance to experience dramatic western landscapes, and a rich historical and cultural experience.  Today, private and tribal properties interrupt continuous travel along the Old Spanish Trail, but there are many interpretive stops along the way, as well as a few informal hiking opportunities to enjoy.  Book your room with us now, and let Santa Fe’s past come alive along the Old Spanish Trail.