Discover the Bold World of Santa Fe Art

When we think of Santa Fe art, it immediately elicits imagery of desert landscapes and vivid sunsets, made famous by renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe. In Santa Fe, art is a colorful journey into the past, the present, and the future of our culturally diverse city.  Just as the city isn’t a one-size-fits-all travel destination, neither are the arts found here.  Rather, you’ll find a diverse array of art suitable for every taste, even those who wouldn’t typically call themselves an art lover.  We urge you to try something new this spring. Book your stay at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the unique and fascinating world of art found in the City Different.

The World of Santa Fe Art

You could spend several consecutive days wandering the halls of the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and/or the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and still not be able to see or experience all of the magnificent art Santa Fe has to offer.  If museums don’t sound interesting to you, then experience Santa Fe art by meandering through the 250+ art galleries in the city, most of which are concentrated on Canyon Road, downtown Lincoln Avenue and the Railyard District.  If you’re truly an art lover, however, then we suggest a more intimate way in which to immerse yourself into the world of Santa Fe art:  An artists’ studio tour.

Every year, artists throughout the great city of Santa Fe open their doors to the public for the annual Studio Tour.  This year, starting on Friday June 27th, a total of 37 art studios and 58 artists open their doors for 3 days of artistic celebration. As with most events in Santa Fe, the Studio Tour kicks off on Friday night with a party, held this year at the Santa Fe University of Art & Design. For the following two days, the public are welcome to take themselves on a free, self-guided tour through any or all of these magnificent studios.  During this time, you’ll find many artists giving demonstrations of their craft and speaking about their various techniques and philosophies.  It’s a wonderful immersive experience for the true art enthusiast, but will surely delight even the newest of Santa Fe art lovers.  Don’t miss your chance to soak in one of the most beloved aspects of Santa Fe culture.  Book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today.