Santa Fe’s Top Art Walks

New Mexico Museum of Art Santa Fe (NM) 2013 - by Ron Cogswell, on FlickrAs a world-renowned arts destination that grows in popularity every single year, there is no shortage of beautiful and exciting art to see in and around the charming city of Santa Fe.  With over 250 art galleries to date, the art scene in Santa Fe can feel overwhelming at times.  However, to make the city and the art more approachable, the idea of art walks has grown with increasing popularity as a way to take in the art scene in Santa Fe in a more manageable way.  To enjoy the three main artistic areas, including Canyon Road, Downtown Santa Fe, and the Railyard District, book your room at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast Inn, and let us help guide you into the world of Santa Fe’s art.

Beautiful Art Walks in Santa Fe

Art Walks are a wonderful way to both see the city, and experience the art in a new way.  You’ll have the chance to browse the best of Santa Fe’s art, while at the same time enjoy talking to artists, gallery owners, and collectors alike.  Not only that, but art walks through these districts of Santa Fe will offer you a diverse glimpse into the works produced here from the traditional to the contemporary, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, graphic art, textiles and more.  The first and probably most popular area to walk through is Canyon Road, which has been an inspiring destination for artists for over a century.  This beautiful road, set against the Sangre de Cristo mountains, is now home to over 100 galleries and a variety of artists studios.  On the 4th friday of each month, these galleries are open until 7 pm, and often feature entertainment and refreshments as well.  Popular stops here include Ventana Fine Art and Giacobbe Fritz Fine Arts, in addition to a wonderful mix of folk art hidden along the journey.

On the first friday of the month, you’ll find the art walk through the Downtown Santa Fe and Museum District worth the time.  Here, you’ll find the diverse history and culture of Santa Fe proudly on display, as you make stops at famous galleries such as Sorrell Sky GalleryLacuna Galleries, and Niman Fine Art. If you have even more time, a trip through the best Santa Fe museums, the New Mexico History Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Art, are worth every second.  For an intriguing glimpse into the Contemporary Art movement in Santa Fe, come to the Railyard Arts District, which occurs on the last Friday of the month.  Must-see stops along this art walk include the David Richard Gallery, the LewAllen GalleryJames Kelly Contemporary, and Charlotte Jackson Fine Art.  You could spend months exploring art in Santa Fe, but hopefully these exquisite art walks will help guide you to what you want to see the most.  Book your room at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast this summer, and enjoy this art walks in a city like no other.