Let us Guide You on a Santa Fe Tour

Santa Fe is a city truly like no other.  Santa Fe is a city with a fascinating and vibrant past, kept alive by the rich tapestry of cultural heritage still evident in the city today.  It is a city of amazing art and artists, from the ancient to the contemporary, and is filled with colorful markets and unique shops of all varieties.  In a city like Santa Fe, where there is so much to see do, sometimes the best way to get a taste of the city of spending a little time on well-designed and interesting tours. Book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and start your trip off right with one of the many exciting Santa Fe tours offered throughout the city.

Santa Fe Tour Highlights

Santa Fe Tours range from simple walking tours around the city, highlighting the history, art, and architecture that surrounds you, to driving tours, and even tours by the Santa Fe Southern, where you’ll travel in vintage railroad cars. A trip to modern-day Santa Fe may not be complete without a food tour, where you’ll get a unique glimpse into the culture and world-renowned cuisine of Santa Fe. There are even plenty of adventure tours for the outdoor enthusiasts including tours by horseback, motorcycle, fishing, river rafting, snowshoeing, and the ultimate trek into the wilderness with a llama packing your gear.

Santa Fe Archetecutre - Old Blue Door in ArchwayIf you’d rather skip the guided tours, then don’t worry. As one of the top 100 walking cities in the country, Santa Fe is an easy city to navigate, and there are several fun and interesting self-guided tours for you to enjoy.  Seattle isn’t the only city where you’ll find great coffee.  Santa Fe is a coffee lover’s paradise, and a visit to these coffee and tea houses along the Coffee Lover’s Tour is a great way to start your day. Have you heard of our famous Green Chile Cheeseburgers?  Whether you’ve heard of it or not, we’re sure your tastebuds will thank us as you eat your way through the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown Tour, which features the tasty finalists and winners of last years competition.  If you need a little something sweet to end your day, then why not try one or more of the amazing artisinal chocolate shops along the Chocolate Lovers Odyssey?  These chocolates, which feature some of the finest organic ingredients native to New Mexico, including chile, pinon nuts and lavender, will make great souveniers and gifts, too!  If you want to dig a little deeper in the history and culture of Santa Fe, the Literary Landmarks Tour and the New Deal Art Legacy Tour are a wonderful way to venture into the history of Santa Fe.  Once you’ve oriented yourself around Santa Fe with these great tour ideas, then the city will be yours for the exploring.  Get started on your Santa Fe adventure today, by booking a room at our beautiful Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn.