Find Great Shopping in Santa Fe

The historic city Santa Fe embodies a culture so rich and dynamic, that it infuses every aspect of the city, including the architecture, the food, the art, the shopping, and the people themselves.  Dating back to the mid 19th century, traders have used Santa Fe as a hub for trade of essential and luxury items, a tradition that is still alive and strong today.  Spend a day shopping and Santa Fe, and you’ll experience a cultural avalanche of priceless goods and unique handmade items, including unique Native American goods.  Like most things in Santa Fe, shopping experiences are unique, occurring in small boutiques, trading posts or large open air markets where you get a chance to meet artisans face to face. Book your room at our luxury bed and breakfast today, and getaway to Santa Fe for a weekend to see what sorts of treasures you can bring find.

Shopping the Streets of Santa Fe

Santa Fe ArchitectureWhat sets Santa fe shopping apart from that found in other cities is not the sheer quantity of shops and markets to visit.  Rather, it’s the qualities found within, and the originality and entrepreneurship displayed by each owner.  Meandering the shops of Santa fe is a wonderful to explore the city in its own right, as you’ll find shops wrapped around the historic city Plaza, down its side streets, tucked into historic adobe buildings and upstairs in 19th Century Victorian buildings.  Walking Santa Fe’s narrow streets and relishing in the originality and unique treasures found behind doors and windows is one of the simple pleasures that come from a day spent shopping in Santa Fe.  The 400 year old downtown district around the Plaza is without a doubt one of the most interesting shopping areas in the country, and may be a wonderful place to find Santa Fe’s signature turquoise jewelry.

Perhaps you’ll find the perfect piece of jewelry for your collection at The Golden Eye or Ortega’s on the Plaza.  The Rainbow Man is a great place to stop in for local and Mexican Folk Art, as well as Native American jewelry and crafts.  When you’re done browsing the shops downtown, then head on up for more shopping along Santa Fe’s historic Canyon Road, or even the Railyard District where you’ll find the new Railyard Artisan Market.  No matter where you choose to go, there is no shortage of unique treasures to be found in the shops of Santa Fe.  With so many great places to explore, we know you’ll enjoy your stay in the City Different.