Spring, summer, fall and even winter provides perfect days for hiking in Santa Fe. The weather is usually comfortably warm during the day and cools down nicely in the evenings. The dramatic colors of the vegetation and rocks add to the magic of hiking.

We can help you select a suitable hike based on your time availability, difficulty desired, time of year and weather. Some of our most popular hikes and walks include: the Santa Fe Riverside Park, the Randall Davey Audubon Center, trails off of Hyde Park Road (described below), Tent Rocks, Atalaya ridge, Diablo Canyon, and Bandelier.

Here’s an example of some hiking opportunities along Hyde Park road close to Santa Fe:

Beginning at Artist Road / Hyde Park Road, one has many options to hike and explore the outdoors. Just 2.7 miles up Hyde Park Road you will come to the Sierra del Norte portion of the Dale Ball Trail System. This elaborate network of trails contains over 22 miles of hiking and mountain biking routes. Because there are so many interconnected paths of various difficulty levels, the Dale Ball Trails are accommodating to everyone.

As you continue your way up Hyde Park Road, you’ll next come to the Chamisa Trail. This fairly easy trail is 5 miles round-trip and winds through evergreen forest, ending at a grassy meadow beside Tesuque Creek. September is particularly a perfect time to view the mass expanses of wildflowers in the area. Several birds, including hawks, ravens, and hummingbirds are also commonly seen along this trail.

After the Chamisa Trail, you’ll enter the Santa Fe National Forest and Hyde Memorial State Park. The hikes included in this area are the Hyde Park Circle, Borrego, and Bear Wallow trails. These routes are mostly forested with fir, aspens, and ponderosa pines. In addition to hiking, Hyde Park also has several places for picnics.

Once you drive out of Hyde Park, you’ll come to the most popular trails, especially in the autumn, the Aspen Vista. Here is where you’ll truly be engulfed in the beauty of the aspen trees that turn bright golden in late September and early October. As you continue you’re drive towards the ski basin there are some incredible overlooks. These scenic spots are great photo opportunities.

Hyde Park Road ends at the Santa Fe Ski Basin. By now you have climbed nearly 5,000 feet in elevation! There are several more hikes that branch out from here. Many of these trails are for either a full day trip or are of a higher level of difficulty. Because of the high altitude, be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. As you begin your descent down the mountains and into town, be sure to enjoy the new views of Santa Fe!