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In a city known for its vibrant blend of cultures and a treasure trove of fantastic places to eat, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that there are also some truly exceptional Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe. Sensational Mexican food aside, you’ll find a culinary landscape that is a delightful mosaic of cultures, just like the city itself. Traditional recipes have been passed down for centuries, but layered over the top of those traditions are contemporary twists and innovation. 

What’s left is a culinary scene that tells a story of our region’s history – from the earliest Native American roots to the Spanish Colonial Era and modern-day Santa Fe. The result is a unique dining experience that is quintessentially Santa Fe. You can find just about everything here, too – from top Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe to innovative vegan restaurants and just about everything in between. From street-side eateries serving mouth-watering tacos to upscale restaurants offering gourmet interpretations of classic dishes, Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe are as diverse as they are flavorful.

We welcome all types of gourmands to our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast – from those searching for the best Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe to those looking for off-the-beaten-path hidden gems among Santa Fe’s diverse culinary scene. Whatever you’re looking for, a stay with us is the perfect complement to your gastronomic adventures. Moreover, we’re centrally located near the Santa Fe Capital, offering guests lodging within easy walking distance to many of the top Santa Fe restaurants, shops, attractions, and more. Book your room at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today! 

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9 Best Mexican Restaurants in Santa Fe

You shouldn’t plan a visit to The City Different without planning to try at least one of the fantastic Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe. Sampling our city’s version of classic Mexican fare is a must. Local ingredients, like New Mexico’s famed red and green chiles, add an authentic touch to every meal – many of which are based on recipes passed down for generations. 

Despite their ode to tradition, many of the top Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe serve up a taste of home with a twist that can only come from Santa Fe’s cultural fusion. The result is a paradise for those who crave the spicy, savory, and soulful flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine. By no means is it complete, but we offer a curated list of some of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe below. Not only do they represent some of the best Mexican food in the city, but they also do a fantastic job of representing the melting pot that is Santa Fe’s culinary scene! 

  1. Sazon is not only one of the best Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe but also one of the best restaurants overall. This upscale spot offers a wonderful array of contemporary and traditional Mexican dishes and a fabulous Tequila menu.
  2. Tomasita’s has long been a staple in Santa Fe’s Mexican restaurant scene. The recipes are traditional, the ingredients fresh, and the margaritas are simply delicious. 
  3. La Choza is another fantastic choice for a distinguished menu and colorful atmosphere that will simply delight. 
  4. If you’re looking for truly authentic, off-the-beaten-path Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe, don’t miss El Comal Restaurant. Don’t let its modest exterior put you off, either. Inside, you’ll find some of the best, truly authentic Mexican fare that will leave you craving more. 
  5. Don’t miss Mucho Gusto, a restaurant known for unique dishes that are as creative as they are delicious. 
  6. One of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe is The Shed, located just off the historic Santa Fe Plaza. It’s a lively, colorful spot serving a delicious assortment of traditional New Mexican dishes. You can even take some of their signature salsa home as a gift or savor it for yourself. 
  7. If you want to dine at upscale Mexican restaurants in Santa Fe, head to La Casa Sena. The restaurant is housed in an elegant adobe building with beautiful furniture and museum-quality art. Their menu features old Santa Fe-style cuisine that will leave you satisfied. 
  8. If you’re looking for a place that offers an extensive margarita menu alongside traditional (and delicious) food options, head to Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen.
  9. Enjoy the fresh guacamole – made tableside – alongside a delicious menu of Southwest flavors and traditional Mexican dishes at Gabriel’s. The outdoor patio at this gem offers stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains for even more added enjoyment.
Close Up Of Hands Eating At One Of The Best Mexican Restaurants In Santa Fe

6 More Fantastic Santa Fe Restaurants to Consider

Mexican food is just the beginning of any extraordinary food journey here in Santa Fe. Like most major modern cities, Santa Fe is home to a diverse array of restaurants and cuisines. Luckily for our guests, most of the best Santa Fe restaurants are also found within easy reach of our Inns! 

There are some real culinary powerhouses among Santa Fe restaurants, but plenty of under-the-radar establishments offer a sensational dining experience. Below is a healthy mix of both in our updated list of the best Santa Fe restaurants to visit this year.

  1. If you only have time to eat at one of Santa Fe’s legendary restaurants, make it Geronimo. This elegant, fine-dining establishment makes just about everyone’s list of “must-go” places, but you’ll understand why with one taste of the food. You will definitely want to secure a reservation here in advance. 
  2. If you want to taste Santa Fe’s Spanish heritage, head to the tapas-style La Boca. Let their experienced staff guide you through their extensive menu, and sit back and enjoy the journey. 
  3. Just down the street from our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast is Restaurant Martin, another acclaimed Santa Fe restaurant. The chef here won a James Beard award in 2022, and they continue to delight. 
  4. If you’re looking for a lively spot with a fantastic menu, we love to send guests to Coyote Cafe. This spot features a lively rooftop Cantina for outdoor dining and a buzzing indoor dining space complete with a chef’s counter. 
  5. If you want a break from Santa Fe’s red and green chiles, get a taste of the African-inspired cuisine at Jambo Cafe. Your tastebuds will dance! 
  6. For an intimate and delicious meal, don’t miss dining at The Compound, one of the best Santa Fe restaurants. Their menu is largely contemporary American with a Mediterranean flair, and they have an extensive wine list to go along with it. 

Of course, we can list plenty more top-rated Santa Fe restaurants – but this is an excellent place to start your culinary journey in our incredible city. When you can’t possibly eat another bite for the day, head back to our relaxing Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast – your home away from home. Every guest who stays with us will enjoy our signature hospitality, complete with a daily breakfast, elevated accommodations, and unbeatable concierge service. We truly offer the best place to stay in Santa Fe. Book your room today! 

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