Plan Ahead for Exciting Summer Events in Santa Fe!

Crowds on the plaza for Santa Fe Events like the Fiestas de Santa Fe

As the weather heats up in Santa Fe over the summer, so do the events. Summer is when some of the most popular Santa Fe events take place, including the famous Fiestas de Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Indian Market. These events are more than just fun celebrations, though. They genuinely celebrate the diverse culture and history of this remarkable city. The annual Fiestas de Santa Fe itself is a historic celebration that dates back over 300 years, featuring traditional music, dance, and parades.

Whether you’re here to celebrate Santa Fe’s history or visit the numerous markets and festivals dedicated to Indigenous and folk art, summer in Santa Fe is an immersive experience into the unique confluence of cultures that make this city so special. Of course, attending these events isn’t the only thing to do in Santa Fe this summer.

The warm months also present a perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains. The diverse high desert landscape offers everything from leisurely strolls through lush gardens and quiet parks to more vigorous activities like hiking and mountain biking. All of this and more is at your fingertips when you stay with us at our top-rated Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe. Book your stay today! 

Plan Ahead For Exciting Summer Events In Santa Fe! 1
Jewelry At The Fine Arts And Craft Market During The Fiestas De Santa Fe

Plan Ahead for the Fiestas De Santa Fe

The Fiestas de Santa Fe is a storied celebration steeped in history, originating more than 300 years ago in the early 18th century. The Fiestas de Santa Fe is a celebration that commemorates the peaceful reoccupation of Santa Fe by Don Diego de Vargas in 1692. The city had previously been abandoned after the Pueblo Revolt. This is an important piece of Santa Fe’s history, with the celebration evolving from a simple ceremony to a vibrant, multifaceted festival that honors the city’s diverse cultural influences. 

The Fiestas de Santa Fe takes place each September and marks one of the best times of year to visit the City Different. This year’s celebration will occur from August 31 – September 8, 2024. During this exciting week, locals and visitors alike come together to participate in a historic reenactment, serving as a vivid reminder of Santa Fe’s complex past and the resulting mix of cultures present (and celebrated) in the city today. 

Perhaps one of the most popular summer events is the burning of the Zozobra, which takes place on August 30, the night before the kickoff of the Fiestas de Santa Fe. Zozobra is a giant marionette symbolizing gloom, and the destruction of this effigy symbolizes a purging of the challenges and woes of the last year, welcoming new hopes. 

What follows during the Fiestas de Santa Fe is a spectacle of colorful processions, traditional dances, and folk music. The event kicks off with the Pregón de la Fiesta, where the city mayor and other dignitaries kick off the festivities with announcements from the balcony of the historic Palace of the Governors. This is followed by the Entrada, a dramatic reenactment of de Vargas’ peaceful reentry into the city.

The festival also includes a series of masses and processions, most notably the procession of La Conquistadora, the oldest Madonna statue in the United States. This religious procession underscores the deep spiritual roots of the event. Craft and food stalls line the streets, offering traditional New Mexican foods, fine arts and crafts, and other interesting weekend market finds. And, of course, there’s plenty of live music and entertainment throughout. 

The Santa Fe Indian Market Is One Of The Most Popular Santa Fe Events

More Fun Santa Fe Events to Plan For

The Fiestas de Santa Fe is one of the most vibrant celebrations of the year in Santa Fe. It marks the end of a fantastic summer in The City Different. However, it’s just one of the many fantastic summer events in Santa Fe worth planning for. The city hosts diverse festivals and celebrations that draw visitors from around the world. These events range from traditional art fairs to innovative music performances, all offering a glimpse into the city’s historical and artistic soul. 

As you cement your summer plans, here are the top Santa Fe events to plan for this summer. 

  1. Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. Held each July, the market is the world’s largest event of its kind. Artists from over 50 countries gather to display and sell their crafts. 
  2. Santa Fe Opera. The opera season kicks off in June and lasts through August. It is held in a venue renowned for its stunning open-air theater overlooking the high desert landscape. The performances range from classic to contemporary and are simply spectacular.
  3. Traditional Spanish Market. Each July, this traditional event showcases Spanish colonial art forms with hundreds of local Hispanic artists participating. It’s an opportunity to view and purchase items like hand-carved woodwork, tinwork, and weavings, all crafted with techniques passed down through generations. There is also live music and dance that highlights the Spanish cultural influence in the region.
  4. Santa Fe Indian Market. This market, held each August, is one of the most popular Santa Fe Events. It’s also the largest and most prestigious Native American art show in the world. It attracts thousands of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who admire high-quality artworks, including jewelry, pottery, sculpture, textiles, paintings, and more. 
  5. Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta. Finally, in September, join us for a food celebration that celebrates New Mexico’s unique culinary traditions. This festival attracts food and wine enthusiasts and features a range of wine tastings, cooking demonstrations by prominent chefs, and gourmet dinners hosted at Santa Fe’s finest restaurants. The highlight is the Grand Tasting at the Santa Fe Opera, where visitors sample exquisite dishes paired expertly with fine wines.

Enjoy these fantastic events and more when you stay with us at El Farolito Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe. Book your room with us today! 

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