5 of the Best Things to Do at the Cerrillos Hills State Park

Cerrillos Hills State Park

Do you love spending time outdoors? Are you fascinated by nature? You’re in for a special treat when you visit Cerrillos Hills State Park in New Mexico. While the views are nothing short of breathtaking, this park is also home to incredible wildlife, exhibits, and events. Located about 30 minutes outside of Santa Fe, the Cerrillos Hills State Park is just off the famous Turquoise Trail and is a fantastic place to experience some of the most encapsulating panoramic views in the Land of Enchantment.

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1. Enjoy a Challenging Hike

After paying a small entrance fee to park your car, you can begin your adventure! Mountainous terrain and rocky slopes blanket the majestic area of the Cerrillos Hills State Park. There are 5 miles of trails throughout the park that offer once-in-a-lifetime views of the Sandia, Ortiz, Jemez, and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. The rolling trails are not too steep or difficult to walk, making it a better experience for all.

The trails not only hold incredible views but also historic mine shafts. The Cerrillos Hills State Park contains small, informational plaques outside of the old mine shafts to memorialize the historical significance of the area. The main benefactors, Amigos de Cerrillos Hills State Park, initiated the sign placement and continue to support through educational programs and fundraising.

2. Go for a Scenic Ride on Horseback

Cerrillos Hills State Park maintains a relationship with the Broken Saddle Horseback Riding Company to offer guests the unique option to ride a horse on a day-long scenic journey. These group horseback rides last from the morning through the moonlight and are offered for a small fee. Take advantage of this amazing experience when you visit.

3. Enjoy Bird Watching

The open skies provide the perfect opportunity for avid bird watchers or bird enthusiasts to see new birds. Cerrillos Hills State Park houses 49 different species of birds and hosts various birds that fly through the area. Members of the knowledgeable park staff are available to answer any questions or educate you about the different species. Grab your camera, phone, binoculars, or art supplies and document your bird watching experience in Cerrillos Hills State Park.

4. Hit the Trails on a Mountain Bike

With its “intermediate incline and slope,” the Cerrillos Hills State Park has the best trails for this rigorous outdoor activity. The trails are a little narrow, so be aware of other outdoor adventurers when you are mountain biking.

5. Experience Events at Cerrillos Hills State Park

The Visitor Center hosts exciting monthly events free of charge for anyone who wants to enjoy the splendor of the park. Events include evening hikes, afternoon educational programs, and stargazing programs, among others. Cerrillos Hills State Park hosts a unique, annual event called the Tarantulas Hike where a park ranger guides a hike to see the local tarantulas and carefully observe them in their natural habitat.

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