Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Light Glass

Glass Blowing

During your vacation stay in Santa Fe at El Farolito, you will be surrounded by the diverse art and culture of the Southwest. There are some talented artisans in Santa Fe, from the culinary field to sculptural designers. One of the fine arts featured in Santa Fe is Liquid Light Glass. This glass blowing studio features some incredibly beautiful pieces that will catch your eye! Here are just a few things you need to know about Liquid Light Glass.

Liquid Light Glass History

Liquid Light Glass has been around since 1986 when Elodie Holmes established it as an outlet for her hand-sculpted pieces. Her unique Liquid Light Glass works are created using traditional techniques that incorporate various tools and flame work, as well as cutting, polishing, and etching. When Holmes purchased the Baca Street Studios in 2000, she became one of the founders of the art district. This is an upcoming area for artists, dubbed the “Soho” of Santa Fe. Holmes opened another studio at Jackalope called Prairie Dog Glass in Santa Fe as well, where visitors can view the process or even sign up for classes. Her work is also available in galleries and museums nationally and internationally.

The Process

For Holmes, the glass blowing process varies. Different techniques are incorporated to create different final products; however, tradition is very important. At Liquid Light Glass, you will find sculptures, vases, bowls, platters, paperweights, and ornaments, just to name a few creations. Her signature line involves flameworking techniques with off-hand glassblowing. She applies separately flame-worked figures onto molten glass. Then, she shapes and blows the glass until it reaches its final form. A team of assistants help create large pieces that expand during the process like a balloon. Special torches and tools are used to sculpt the product until it is finished.

Glass Art Available at Liquid Light Glass

At Liquid Light Glass, there are a variety of art sculptures and products that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. The artwork is especially stunning, with gorgeous colors swirled together into a one-of-a-kind blend to create a disc, oval, arch, or other interesting shape. From rainbow-spattered discs to extended crystal blue explosions, there are plenty of options to choose from for a souvenir to bring back with you. A colorful arrangement of mystery opal bowls and vases are also a specialty you can find at Liquid Light Glass. The ornaments are whimsical and delicately stunning, while the larger sculptures are intricate and incredibly creative- from dragon eggs to a honeycomb.

Stay at El Farolito

After exploring some of the wonderful art on display in Santa Fe at Liquid Light Glass, settle in at El Farolito. Our bed and breakfast will provide a peaceful city retreat, with quiet courtyards yet the convenience of being close to downtown. We also served a delicious complimentary breakfast each morning of your stay. For more to see and do in Santa Fe, download our free vacation guide! Hope to see you in Santa Fe soon!

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