Why is the Santa Fe Balloon Company the Best Way to Tour the Skies?

Hot Air Balloon

New Mexico is well-known for many of the state’s unique landscapes and history, but nothing is more iconic than hot air balloons in the Land of Enchantment. You’ll see plenty of these big, brightly-colored beauties soaring over the majestic mountains and plateaus on a drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. With so much cultural heritage surrounding this local pastime, you should take a ride for yourself. We recommend riding high above the clouds with the Santa Fe Balloon Company! Renowned hot air balloon pilot and owner Johnny Lewis will take you for the ride of your life as you get a bird’s eye view of Santa Fe and its surrounding areas. After experiencing an unbelievable New Mexico tradition, use our free Vacation Guide to plan out the rest of your unique Santa Fe itinerary!

Why Fly With the Santa Fe Balloon Company?

The Santa Fe Balloon Company offers early morning flights from May through October, when light winds and cool temperatures provide the ideal weather for a hot air balloon ride. The amazing sights and breathtaking scenery will dazzle you as you float high above it all. This is an exciting activity to enjoy with friends or a romantic adventure to partake with your significant other. Whoever you decide to fly with, you are sure to have a memorable experience!

Johnny Lewis is one of the most experienced balloon pilots in the country with thousands of hours of flying time under his belt and a spotless safety record. Hailing from West Texas, the enchantment and beauty of New Mexico drew him to Santa Fe! It’s safe to say that you will be in the hands of a true professional. After all, he speaks at ballooning safety seminars, piloted a balloon for an archaeological expedition, and even performed stunts for movies and documentaries!

Other Exciting Hot Air Balloon Events in New Mexico

After experiencing a hot air balloon ride with the Santa Fe Balloon Company, head south of Santa Fe to the world-renowned Albuquerque International Balloon Festival! Watch colorful balloons soar into the air during the largest hot air balloon event in the world. The pilots and their crew fly through the air as they attempt to drop specified markers near chosen targets on the ground. Competitors use surface and upper-level winds to navigate their vessel towards the targets, which are all at least one mile away from the launching area. For a maximum distance double drop, competitors drop two markers close together on different scoring areas. The shortest distance from the marker wins the prize! This is a must-see, world-class event that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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