How to Find the Best Authentic Santa Fe Native American Jewelry

Santa Fe’s Native American jewelry is an art that has survived for hundreds of years. Today, you can take some of that history home with you while you support local artists and vendors during your stay at El Farolito. Finding authentic Native American art can be difficult for first-time visitors to Santa Fe. It’s hard to know if the shops you’re finding are reputable and selling authentic Native American jewelry. With our local experience, we’ve made it easy to find great places to buy Santa Fe Native American jewelry!

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The Best Places to Find Santa Fe Native American Jewelry

Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian

First started in 1937 by Mary Cabot Wheelwright and Hastiin Klah, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian details the history and showcases the art from the area. While the museum shop is a great place to buy jewelry, the exhibits are fantastic. The current exhibit, Beads: A Universe of Meaning, traces the history of imported glass beads as a medium of exchange, artistic expression, and identity.

After you tour the museum, visit The Case Trading Post, the museum shop. It was built in 1975 as a replica of a Navajo Reservation trading post. The shop features vintage and contemporary Native American pieces by over 450 artists. You can also browse their selection online as well as read biographies on the featured artists. You can feel confident that when you buy from The Case Trading Post you are buying authentic, well-made jewelry by local Native Americans.

Native American Vendors Program of the Palace of the Governors

Another good place to browse Santa Fe Native American jewelry is the long portal in front of the Palace of the Governors. Palace of the Governors is a museum that chronicles the history of Santa Fe. It’s just a five-minute drive from El Farolito! Their Native American Vendors Program licenses about 1,000 artists to sell their goods in the portal. The application process for the license is strict and thorough in order to ensure the authenticity of the materials and the quality of the artists’ work. Feel free to browse the tables and chat with the vendors, who are usually more than happy to discuss their wares!

Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza is one of Santa Fe’s most popular shopping destinations, and for good reason. This historic district is in the heart of Santa Fe and features many amazing shops in a small area. Visit Malouf on the Plaza to see their selection of jewelry from Native American artists. You can feel confident that the materials used are authentic and the jewelry comes from local and Native American artists. Just one block away is Ortega’s on the Plaza, which has been an icon in Santa Fe for 35 years! The shop features over 100 artists, many of whom are award-winning and featured in museums around the country. Both of these shops are just a 10-minute walk from your room at El Farolito!

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