3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Spanish Colonial Art Museum

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Less than two miles away from our beautiful bed and breakfast, El Farolito, is the Spanish Colonial Art Museum. It is the only museum in the entire country dedicated to preserving and displaying the art of the Spanish Colonial period with a special focus on Hispanic New Mexico! If you are interested in New Mexican history, this museum is a must-see.

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Our Top Reasons to Visit the Spanish Colonial Art Museum

Dedicated to preserving a unique aspect of our state’s history, the Spanish Colonial Art Museum is a great place to learn more about the history of New Mexico and the roots of our state’s trademark art. Here are our top reasons why you should be sure to stop by the museum on your visit to Santa Fe!

1. The Spanish Colonial Art Museum is One of a Kind

As the only museum in the country with this particular focus, the Spanish Colonial Art Museum has a special place in our city. The gallery has over 3700 pieces of both historical and contemporary works in their collection. Even the museum itself is a work of art! John Gaw Meem designed the museum in 1930 and it was created to have the appearance and feel of a native New Mexican home. It makes the Spanish Colonial Art Museum even more unique!

2. The Spanish Colonial Art Museum is Not Just for Adults

Bringing the family with you to our beautiful city? The Spanish Colonial Art Museum is a fantastic place for all ages. Step back in time with your children and allow them to fully appreciate the way people lived a few hundred years ago. Kids can put on traditional and historic costumes and truly get to experience a new-to-them culture.

3. The Spanish Colonial Art Museum is Always New

With consistent changes to the exhibits, there is always something new at the Spanish Colonial Art Museum. If you are visiting in 2018, be sure to visit the Delgado Room, where you can see some incredible objects that trader and merchant Don Manuel Delgado collected during his life in the 1700 and 1800s. The Trade and Trails Exhibit explores amazing finds that showcase how New Mexican art was influenced by both Spain and Native American cultures. For current exhibits, be sure to check out the museum’s website.

The Spanish Colonial Art Museum is Just One Reason to Visit Santa Fe!

Our city is beloved by people all around the world and our rich culture is just a part of it. Come experience the vast blue skies, deep purple mountains, and wild, untamed beauty of the high desert. Santa Fe is a treasure in and of itself, and our beautiful inn is proud to be a part of it. At El Farolito, you can experience Santa Fe culture in a traditional-style New Mexican bed and breakfast. Our rooms are inviting and relaxing and our breakfast buffet showcases many New Mexican favorites. Call us to book your stay at El Farolito today!

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