Here are the Best Things to Do in Santa Fe in March

Santa Fe is gorgeous at every time of year, but specific months draw people for different reasons. If you’re looking to visit our beautiful city in the spring, consider coming in March. The winter weather has mostly ended and the city awakens once again! With so many things to do in Santa Fe in March, you’ll want to come back every year.

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March Weather in Santa Fe

The things to do in Santa Fe in March largely relies on the weather. During this time of year, the cool winter temperatures are slowly disappearing as warm weather sets in. Spring in Santa Fe is usually very mild with temperatures averaging between 60 and 70 degrees. Because March is in the beginning of spring, you will probably find cooler temperatures than usual. However, that means you will probably avoid the crowds during the late-spring tourist season!

3 of the Best Things to Do in Santa Fe in March

1. Go on a Hike

Cool spring temperatures means the perfect hiking weather! During the summer, Santa Fe can get hot and humid. No one wants to climb a mountain in that! If you’re looking to explore the area on foot, we recommend coming during a month like March. With so many places to explore, each trail you embark on will wow you even more than the last. Although there are many great hiking spots in Santa Fe, one of our favorites is the Atalaya Mountain Trail. Climb the winding trail up the mountain until you get to the top where you will be rewarded with incredible views of Santa Fe’s adobe spread!

2. Visit a Winery

We love visiting wineries during the spring because it’s one of the best times to be outdoors. If you visit during the heat of the summer, the outdoor portions of the amazing wineries we have can be unbearable. Spring weather is the best for sitting outside and relaxing with a glass of wine in your hand! Plus, many of these wineries have indoor tasting rooms, so they’re perfect to go to no matter what the weather. Indulge in a tasting then buy a bottle or two to remember your trip by!

3. Indulge in Local Cuisine

When you’re in Santa Fe, there is a restaurant around every corner. The local cuisine is so unique that you have to take the time to experience it! While there are tons of eateries to try year-round, March is a good time for foodies to visit because the tourist crowds usually have not arrived yet. Don’t worry about the crazy wait times and reservations!

The Best Place to Stay in Santa Fe

Make your Santa Fe vacation perfect by staying in the best accommodations the area has to offer! El Farolito is located in the heart of Santa Fe just moments from attractions, restaurants, and more. Choose your cozy room, then start planning out which amazing things to do in Santa Fe in March you’re going to do!

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