Secrets in Santa Fe? Everything You Need to Know About 109 East Palace

Top Secret File

When you think of the history of Santa Fe, your mind probably wanders to the Native Americans, Spanish missionaries, and maybe even the first pioneers of the Santa Fe Trail. But did you know that our city also has a history of secrets? 109 East Palace was once an address only known by a select few, but now, you can learn all about it. Don’t forget to access our complimentary Vacation Guide for the inside scoop on Santa Fe!

What Is 109 East Palace?

When the top secret Manhattan Project was taking place, it was imperative that no one find out about it. But how do you get dozens of scientists, technicians, and other workers all to the same place without saying where they are going? The solution was to get everyone dropped off at 109 East Palace, an innocent-looking storefront. Unknown to the rest of the town, it was actually a portal into the secret mission of the atomic bomb.

From there, Dorothy Scarritt McKibbin would greet the workers, process them, and make sure they got on the secret bus to Los Alamos to work on the Manhattan Project on time. She herself became an integral part in the project and was a close confidant to Oppenheimer, also known as the father of the atomic bomb.

Can I Visit 109 East Palace?

Yes! If you have explored Santa Fe, you might have walked by this address without even knowing. The small door is still inconspicuous; the only thing that lets the public know it is a historic marker is the small plaque on the wall. When you walk into the courtyard, head to the back to see the plaque and photo.

Learning About the Manhattan Project

If you’d like to learn more about this important part of our nation’s history, you won’t find it here. Various exhibits can be found throughout Santa Fe explaining the city’s part in the world’s first atomic bomb. The New Mexico History Museum’s exhibits rotate, but there is an in-depth exhibit about New Mexico’s nuclear past until May 27, 2019. If you’d like to truly immerse yourself in the past, visit the Bradbury Science Museum. Here, you will find replicas of bombs, interviews, an educational film, and more! Plus, admission is free.

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