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Santa Fe is a colorful and dynamic city filled with one vibrant display of art and culture after another. It’s also an exquisite food town. Given all this city has to offer, you probably won’t be surprised to also learn that Santa Fe nightlife is thriving – especially when it’s centered around live music. 

There are, of course, plenty of things to do in Santa Fe during the day – but when the sun goes down, does it all stop? Santa Fe may not be on the list of top nightlife cities around the country, but we assure you, there’s plenty to know and love about the Santa Fe nightlife scene.

Whether you attend art gallery openings on Canyon Road, visit after-hours immersive art exhibits or other performance venues, or enjoy local bars and restaurants – many of which feature live music – there’s something for everyone in the Santa Fe nightlife scene. If you choose to enjoy our local nightlife, you’ll be happy to know we’re an easy walk away from many of downtown Santa Fe’s top restaurants, bars, and venues.

Of course, you can skip the Santa Fe nightlife and relax and unwind in our top-rated bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe instead. We’ve designed our accommodations for just these occasions! Whatever you do in time, you’ll find a convenient and welcoming home base at our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe. Book your room at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today!

Man Playing An Acoustic Guitar - Something You Find At The Best Spots For Santa Fe Nightlife

Find the Best Santa Fe Nightlife

With a smaller, younger population than many cities of similar size, Santa Fe isn’t exactly a city known for its pulsing nightlife. But there are great places to enjoy music, dancing, and drinks.

If you want to find the best Santa Fe nightlife, all you need to do is find the music. Like the surrounding city, the music scene in Santa Fe is diverse. Step into various bars and venues around the city, and you’re just as likely to hear blues or country as Latin or salsa music. The music scene in Santa Fe – and, accordingly, the Santa Fe nightlife – is helped by the fact that some well-known music recording studios are in town. 

If you’re looking for a venue that combines the arts with some late-night fun, then arguably one of the best Santa Fe nightlife venues is Meow Wolf. It’s undoubtedly one of the most unique! Meow Wolf is an immersive and experimental art space called The House of Eternal Return, which features 70 different rooms and exhibits.

Beyond being a fantastic destination for the arts during the day, Meow Wolf is also a great place to grab a drink, go dancing, and enjoy some of the Santa Fe nightlife. That’s because, after regular daytime hours, Meow Wolf turns into a concert venue, with visiting artists performing on a stage in the middle of the exhibit space. 

Interested in even more Santa Fe nightlife? Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite bars, restaurants, and more, all known to be great places to grab a drink, enjoy some live music, and maybe even a little dancing. 

  1. Enjoy some traditional Flamenco dancing at El Farol
  2. Not only is La Boca one of our favorite Santa Fe restaurants, but it’s also a bustling part of Santa Fe nightlife, with a regular selection of live music performances.
  3. You can find a variety of performing arts at Performance Santa Fe.
  4. If you’re looking for a great bar with an exciting atmosphere, head to the speakeasy-like Tonic
  5. Another great bar that’s open later than most other local establishments for some authentic Santa Fe nightlife is Boxcar in the Santa Fe Railyard. 
  6. If you just want to unwind with a great beer, head next door to our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe and enjoy The Brakeroom – an outpost of the popular Santa Fe Brewing.
  7. There are plenty of unique things in Santa Fe, especially when it comes to Santa Fe nightlife, but perhaps one of our favorites is the Remix Audio Bar, a late-night coffee shop with an electronic music theme.
One Of The Guest Rooms - A Great Place To Relax After Enjoying Santa Fe Nightlife

A Well-Located Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe

You probably aren’t coming to visit us based purely on the Santa Fe nightlife scene – but it’s nice to know that once you get here, there are options for those nights when you want to absorb the local culture and enjoy a night out. What’s more, you can enjoy the best of Santa Fe nightlife and still have a convenient, nearby place to call home when you choose our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe. 

Our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe offers high-end accommodations near the heart of the historic Santa Fe Plaza. As conveniently as we may be located, you can rest assured knowing we’re far enough from downtown to still be a quiet, restful place to retreat at the end of the day. 

You’ll find our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe tucked behind the walls of a beautiful adobe compound. We offer eight well-appointed guest rooms and casitas. Each is decorated with traditional southwestern decor and local art, all tucked among gardens and private patios. Plenty of included amenities are included with each stay at our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe.

One of the most popular amenities at our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe is our multi-course breakfast, served fresh daily in our comfortable dining room. There are plenty of reasons we’ve been rated one of the best places to stay in Santa Fe. To find out more, book your room at our #1-rated Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe today!

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