Pure Relaxation in Santa Fe This Winter

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Winter in New Mexico is a special season. There’s a slower pace to every day here, leaving you more time to enjoy the many fantastic things to do in Santa Fe. It’s also a time to focus on health and wellness, and there’s no better place to do that than the spas in Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe has a long history as a destination for health and wellness. People have been traveling here for centuries in search of the legendary healing powers of New Mexico. Whether seeking out a healing soak in the top Santa Fe hot springs or treatments at various spas in Santa Fe, it’s still easy to tap into this healing history – and there’s perhaps no better time of year for it than winter when we could all use a little extra restorative energy. 

Though we do a great job of pampering you and catering to your every need at our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe, we also love to help you make plans to visit the best spas in Santa Fe. One of our guests’ many perks is a complimentary concierge service. Not only are we happy to recommend the best spas in Santa Fe to you, but we’ll also gladly work to make your appointments and help you craft the perfect itinerary of relaxation – including visits to the top-rated Santa Fe hot springs!

Winter in New Mexico is a delight; we’d love to share it with you this year. Get ready to relax, unwind, and enjoy the best getaway of the year at our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico. Book your room today! 

A Facial Treatment Like Those At The Best Spas In Santa Fe

The Best Spas in Santa Fe

You’ve likely heard Santa Fe referred to as an oasis in the desert. It’s easy to see why when you factor in the different spas in Santa Fe and the exquisite Santa Fe hot springs. This tranquil art and food-lovers paradise is a mecca for health and wellness. 

With its generally dry climate, the natural and man-made Santa Fe hot springs, 300+ sun-filled days, and breathtaking starry nights, Santa Fe is a beautiful respite for the mind, body, and soul. It’s easy to craft an entire vacation about wellness – and many of our guests do exactly that. 

When you visit us at our luxury Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe this winter, we highly encourage you to book one or more appointments at the top spas in Santa Fe. You’ll find our favorites listed below. 

  1. One of our favorite spas in Santa Fe that we recommend to guests is La Vida Spa & Massage, formerly known as Absolute Nirvana. They offer world-class massage and facial treatments in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. 
  2. Another of our favorite spas in Santa Fe is BODY of Santa Fe. Not only do they offer therapeutic massage, but they also offer things like yoga classes and energy-focused bodywork.
  3. The Nidah Spa at the Eldorado Hotel is another exquisite spa destination with a unique assortment of modern and ancient treatments in an upscale environment. 
  4. Check out One Sacred Body Spa at Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar. They offer a fantastic day spa with various treatments and fusion healing treatments focused on holistic wellness. 
  5. If you’ve never tried float therapy, this winter is the perfect opportunity. Head to Grey Matter Float Spa. Their focused treatments do wonders for the overall health of the mind and body. 
  6. Combine two of the best parts of a winter retreat in one. Soak in the mineral hot springs at Ojo Caliente Santa Fe and enjoy a relaxing treatment at their spa. It’s one of the best spas in Santa Fe!
  7. The Santa Fe Salt Cave is another fantastic option among spas in Santa Fe. Here, you’ll enjoy a deep sense of relaxation and natural healing. 
  8. Finally, treat yourself to something extraordinary at the Spa at Loretto. It’s one of the most luxurious spas in Santa Fe, using signature scents to achieve unparalleled relaxation with its treatments. 

Regardless of which of these spas in Santa Fe you choose to visit, they are best paired with other wellness-related activities, such as dining out at the city’s healthiest restaurants and taking restorative soaks at the top Santa Fe hot springs. 

The Entrance To Ojo Caliente, One Of The Best Santa Fe Hot Springs To Visit After Enjoying The Spas In Santa Fe

More Relaxation At These Santa Fe Hot Springs

Though visits to the top spas in Santa Fe will go a long way toward relaxing your mind, body, and soul, complete the journey by visiting one of the top-rated Santa Fe hot springs. Santa Fe hot springs are naturally occurring, thanks to several volcanic aquifers beneath the ground. These sacred, healing waters have been a part of the cultural fabric in Santa Fe for centuries and contain various healing minerals known to promote healing and deep relaxation. 

Some of the best Santa Fe hot springs have been turned into world-class resorts, while others are found in the rugged wilderness surrounding Santa Fe. Regardless of your chosen experience, we know the healing waters of Santa Fe will be a welcome experience once the winter chill sets in. Below, we’ve listed five of our favorite Santa Fe hot springs for the ultimate wellness getaway at our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe. 

  1. Ten Thousand Waves is a Japanese-style spa and resort that offers massage, skin treatments, and soaking pools. The hot pools aren’t direct hot springs, but the water that fills them is sourced from a 900-foot-deep well, offering bathers the same healing benefits of minerals as other Santa Fe hot springs. 
  2. We already mentioned one of our favorite Santa Fe hot springs, Ojo Santa Fe. It’s about 20 minutes from the city center, with waters that are world-renowned for their mineral-enriched qualities that are rumored to be beneficial for skin ailments and a significant boost to the immune system. 
  3. While the first two Santa Fe hot springs are upscale resorts, the following three are more rugged and natural hot springs. The first is Jemez Hot Springs, located about 90 minutes outside of Santa Fe. It may be a bit of a drive, but it’s known to be one of the best in the world, with waters originating from beneath the Valles Caldera National Preserve. 
  4. Spence Hot Springs in the Santa Fe National Forest is a naturally occurring hot spring reached via a short hike. The pool is small but warm and is best enjoyed in the fall and winter. 
  5. McCauley Warm Springs is another of these Santa Fe hot springs found within the Santa Fe National Forest. The pool here is rustic and requires a bit of hiking to reach it, but the mineral-rich waters are more than worth it. 

Whether you visit high-end spas and hot springs or keep your getaway more rugged and relaxed, our Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe is the best place to stay in New Mexico. Our Inn is located within walking distance to many of Santa Fe’s top attractions and restaurants, including the state Capitol and the historic Plaza. Our warm and welcoming hospitality is unmatched, so book your next stay at our Bed and breakfast in Santa Fe today! 

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