Where are the Best Sopapillas in Santa Fe?


Santa Fe, New Mexico, has become known as one of the food capitals of the Southwest. Here, prominent flavors of New Mexico, Spain, and Mexico combine to create a foodie paradise. One of the traditional dishes here is the sopapilla. Also known as sopaipilla, sopaipa, or cachanga, these deep-fried, doughy pastries are typically eaten as dessert with honey or sugar or plain as bread. So, where are the best sopapillas in Santa Fe?

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5 Places to Get the Best Sopapillas in Santa Fe

1. The Famous Plaza Cafe

The Famous Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe, NM, has been serving New Mexican cuisine for more than 100 years! The sopapillas here are always fresh and warm. There’s nothing better than biting into a pillowy pastry after a delicious meal! Make sure you save enough room to enjoy one with a coffee for dessert, or you’ll have to come back and try them on another day.

2. Tomasitas

Tomasitas in Santa Fe is full of Southwestern favorites! The sopapillas here are a must-try and are arguably one of the best things on the menu. Plus, their red and green chiles are known as some of the best in the state!

3. La Choza

If you’re looking for some casual eats while in Santa Fe, La Choza is the perfect place to come. Their menu consists of the usual tacos and burritos plus vegetarian dishes. Sopapillas come with the entrees here and are drizzled with honey. There’s nothing better than enjoying this sweet treat alongside traditional New Mexican cuisine!

4. Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with a visit to Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen! Over the years, this restaurant has become a go-to spot for homestyle cooking. Indulge in some red or green chile, homemade tortillas, and other house specialties before ending the meal with a delicious house-made sopapilla.

5. Sopaipilla Factory

Located right outside of Santa Fe, we can’t leave the Sopaipilla Factory off our list of the best sopapillas in Santa Fe! Their sopapillas are always fresh, and they even offer stuffed options. These filled sopapillas make a delicious entree, or you can try one of their other New Mexican classics.

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