Shidoni Santa Fe Galleries are the Best in the Southwest

Modern Sculpture

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is home to rich history and a variety of cultural traditions. When you visit, you will discover the influences of these cultures and how they have shaped the town into what it is today. The art scene is one of the most prevalent aspects of the area’s culture. Shidoni in Santa Fe is the oldest gallery in the area that has remained under the same ownership. This art mecca opened in 1975 and has continued to be a gathering place for art lovers and tourists alike. The Shidoni meaning, a Navajo word used as greeting to a friend, is perfect for the gallery because guests will get a familiar yet enchanting feeling in this incredible place.

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Shidoni Santa Fe History

In 1975, Shidoni found its home just outside of Santa Fe in the Tesuque Valley. This area of land had been known for its agriculture before the shift toward development in the 1970s. Shidoni was built on what was previously a chicken farm and apple orchard. In the past, Shidoni was known as a foundry where visitors could watch bronze pourings and artists at work. There were tours available and bronze castings every weekend. This is no longer available due to the fact that Shidoni is looking for new ownership, but both locals and visitors are hoping that the demonstrations and tours will be available once again in the future!

Santa Fe Sculpture Garden

The 8-acre sculpture garden of Shidoni in Santa Fe’s warm and friendly atmosphere encourages guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll as they explore the beautiful gardens filled with amazing art. These sculptures are placed throughout the property and are made by artists from around the world. Works in bronze, stainless steel, copper, iron, and mixed media range from abstract pieces to incredibly realistic sculptures. Walk through the grassy paths and appreciate the fascinating works of art as the Santa Fe sun warms you.

Shidoni Santa Fe Galleries

There are 2 galleries at Shidoni in Santa Fe. The first is a continuation of the sculpture garden, making Shidoni one of the largest selections of contemporary sculpture found in the Southwest. The other gallery is the Shidoni Arts Gallery. This section is also both indoors and outdoors with the majority being inside. The theme of this gallery is textures and colors. Visitors can see works created from wood, metal, clay, stone, glass, canvas, paint, paper, resin, and fibers. It is as if the artists have invoked magic to turn these materials into the intriguing art visitors can enjoy.

After Enjoying Shidoni in Santa Fe, Return to El Farolito

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