You Will Love the Unique Flavors at Sazon in Santa Fe

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Mexican cuisine is an art form that has been perfected in Santa Fe. During your visit, you will encounter many chefs that work wonders with the traditional ingredients like chiles and corn. One of the masters of Mexican flavor is Chef Fernando Olea of Sazon in Santa Fe. When you visit Sazon in Santa Fe, it is an experience. From the intricate menu to the unique decor, a visit to Sazon is imperative when you’re in the New Mexico capital. This amazing restaurant is just a 10-minute walk or 4-minute car ride from El Farolito, making it a perfect place to dine during your stay!

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Sazon in Santa Fe Menu

The menu of Sazon in Santa Fe is special because of its size- it is incredibly small. The standing menu usually consists of one small section of tapas and one small section of entrees, inspired by Chef Olea’s interpretation of contemporary and traditional Mexican dishes. The menu is basic and designed to offer something for everyone. The real culinary magic happens with the other half of the menu: the specials. These dishes change nightly and depend on the local ingredients available. They also feature Sazon’s famous moles.

Sazon in Santa Fe’s Mole

The star of the menu at Sazon is its mole, a sauce of complex flavors that usually includes toasted and ground spices, seeds, nuts, chocolate, and chile. Mole is an integral part of Mexican cuisine and tradition. Recipes have been passed down through generations for hundreds of years. Mothers choose a daughter to give the recipe to and in turn, the daughter keeps it a secret until she has a daughter of her own. Chef Olea is an expert on mole. He has created many of these outstanding sauces for his restaurant, each with amazing levels of flavors. The mole at Sazon is so popular you get even get a jar to take home!

Sazon in Santa Fe Drinks

The drink menu has had just as much thought and care put into it as the intricate dining menu. Not only does Chef Olea recognize flavors in food, he recognizes them in drinks as well. Sazon in Santa Fe has an extensive drink list that features mostly tequila and its smoky cousin,  mezcal. Each drink has been taken to the next level with fresh ingredients. There are no store-bought margarita mixes here! The restaurant also has an extensive wine list with bottles that cost up to $70 a glass. This is able to be done through new technology that allows wine to be sucked out of the bottle while the empty space is filled by inert argon gas, making it so the rest of the bottle stays fresh.

After You’ve Indulged at Sazon, Return to El Farolito

After you’ve had an amazing Mexican-inspired meal at Sazon in Santa Fe, return to El Farolito to keep experiencing Santa Fe culture. Our charming bed and breakfast is in the heart of the city, featuring adobe architecture and cozy rooms adorned in traditional decor. You’ll love being close to all the major restaurants, attractions, and activities! Get an authentic, comfortable Santa Fe experience when you book your stay at El Farolito!

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