One of Our Favorite Restaurants is Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe


Foodies often flock to Santa Fe to experience the high-quality Southwestern culinary scene. Whether you’re looking for traditional dishes or modern takes on classic plates, you will discover some delicious food here in Santa Fe! And one of our favorite places for lunch, dinner, or happy hour is the Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe. Whether you’re looking for a midday delicacy or mouthwatering dessert, there is cuisine here for a variety of palates. Foodies, this place is for you. Discover just a slice of the Southwestern culinary scene during your visit to Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe!

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Tune Up Cafe was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

One reason to eat at the Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe is that it was on the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. This show travels to roadside diners, vintage drive-ins, and out-of-the-way dives to discover some unique dishes. The point of the show is to uncover a resurgence of hipness among foodies, and host Guy Fieri is quite the character to make it happen. Fieri’s visit is a memorable one and a reason people love visiting the Tune Up Cafe during their stay at El Farolito.

Specialty Dishes

Some favorite plates that you will discover at the Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe include banana leaf-wrapped tamales, El Salvadoran pupusas, and chile relleno. If you’re stopping in for lunch, be sure to try the green chile stew along with a variety of the aforementioned delicacies. You might also like a classic enchilada topped with your choice of red or green chile. Traditional New Mexican cuisine blended with unique tastes occupy the rest of the menu. For dinner, try the popular Tune-Up burger or buffalo burger. Or, indulge in fresh-grilled salmon tacos! Top off your meal with a scrumptious dessert, such as fresh fruit cobbler or German chocolate cake. Mexican wedding cookies and creme brulee also make the dessert menu.

Happy Hour is Always Fun at the Tune Up Cafe

If you’re just stopping in for a drink in the late afternoon, then you won’t be disappointed with the variety of options. Try a blood orange agave wine margarita or housemade sangria for a fruity cocktail. Or, try some draft pints like the Negra Modello or Stone Arragont Bastard Ale. A range of red and white wines are also available.

El Farolito is Just Over 5 Minutes Away!

When you dine at the Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe, you’ll be minutes away from our unique bed and breakfast. El Farolito is a charming inn in the heart of the city. You’ll love being close to all the major restaurants, attractions, and activities. Along with our one-of-a-kind guest rooms and decor, you’ll also discover some premier amenities. These include a gourmet breakfastserved each morning with fresh fruit, coffee, tea, baked goods, and hot entrees. Treat yourself to an authentic Santa Fe experience when you book your stay at El Farolito!

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