What You Need to Know About the Santa Fe Indian Market

Southwestern Weaving

Santa Fe, New Mexico has a rich history and culture made up by many influences. Santa Fe has always been a popular trading center, beginning when traders once brought essential and luxury goods to the Southwest. Today, Santa Fe is still a portal to Native American artwork and unique handmade goods that can’t be found elsewhere. One of the best opportunities to get a taste of Native American culture is the Santa Fe Indian Market. Located just five minutes from El Farolito Bed and Breakfast Inn, this event is the most prestigious juried Native art show in the world. The city’s central plaza is transformed into a market along with hundreds of gallery openings and art shows every August. This year’s 2017 show runs  August 19-20. Spend the day learning about Native American culture and shopping for unique pieces you can’t get anywhere else in Santa Fe!

For more information on festivals and events in Santa Fe, download our free Vacation Guide! It includes some of our favorite events and places to go in the area, like the Santa Fe Indian Market and Santa Fe Artisan Market.

Artists & Art at the Santa Fe Indian Market

The Santa Fe Indian Market is the perfect place to find a one-of-a-kind souvenir or gift to bring back home with you. The Native artists and artisans create some stunning pieces, such as jewelry, pottery, sculpture, textiles, paintings, wooden carvings, beadwork, baskets, and much more. Many booths have more traditional items such as drums, bows and arrows, and cradle boards. Because so many different tribes are represented, all the art is different. Each tribe has a specific style derived from tradition. The Native American artists create in both the traditional style as well as sometimes putting their own spin on things. This produces unique art that you can’t get anywhere else! Stands line the plaza of Santa Fe and the surrounding streets, as well as many local galleries selling art.

Native American Culture

Native Americans were some of the first people to ever settle in what we now call the United States. Many still call New Mexico home today. Their culture is one of the many that make up the area, as well as the Spanish colonists that settled in 1610. Tthe Santa Fe Indian Market celebrates Native American culture. Roughly 900 artists from over 200 federally recognized tribes sell their art at the event. This provides the unique and rare opportunity to meet Native artists and learn about contemporary Indian arts and cultures. Go from booth to booth and talk with the artists, or attend one of the many events, like music and dance performances, to see Native American culture firsthand. Some artists even demonstrate how they produce their traditional art!

After Your Day at the Santa Fe Indian Market

After your day at the Santa Fe Indian Market, retreat back to El Farolito to continue enjoying the Southwestern culture. Relax in the Galisteo room after an experience like the Santa Fe Indian Market. Located through its own private outdoor patio entrance, this spacious room is adorned with Native American art and furniture. The special touches are sure to remind you that you are in the heart of Santa Fe. After your restful night, indulge in the complimentary homemade breakfast. Then, head out to explore the rest of the city!

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