Why You Need to Visit the Bradbury Science Museum


Did you know that Santa Fe served as a critical location in WWII? The small mountain town of Los Alamos, 45 minutes north of our city, is home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the spot of the creation of the atomic bomb. You can learn about the lab and its significance at the Bradbury Science Museum. 

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About the Bradbury Science Museum 

The Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos captures over half a century of nuclear history. The sleepy mountain town in Northern New Mexico served as the home for scientists creating the atomic bomb during World War II. The museum is a window into Los Alamos National Laboratory and the work that physicists put into the famous Manhattan Project. Robert Krohn, who oversaw nuclear tests, decided to construct a building to house historical artifacts and weapons built at the lab in 1953. 17 years later, it became the Bradbury Museum to honor Norris H. Bradbury, the lab’s second director. Whether you’re visiting Los Alamos for the museum or to escape the crowds of Santa Fe, this is a must-see attraction. 

Visiting the Bradbury Science Museum  

The Bradbury Science Museum has five exhibits highlighting an array of technologies and discoveries made at Los Alamos National Lab. The lobby, defense gallery, history gallery, research gallery, and the TechLab offer a fantastic look into this critical piece of science history. 

The museum lobby and history gallery introduce how and why the U.S. Government strategically chose Los Alamos as the place to secretly create the atomic bomb and a short film discussing the Atomic Age. The research and defense galleries have a handful of bomb replicas produced at the lab in the 1940s. You can also learn about a collection of explosives, nuclear deterrent systems, and cutting-edge technologies that the lab creates to strengthen national security. The TechLab is a fun exbibit with a rotating list of interactive and hands-on activities that kids and adults will enjoy exploring.  

It sits in the heart of town and is only a 45-minute drive from the Four Kachinas Inn. There are also a few parks and hiking trails in town that provide scenic views of the surrounding mountains and plateaus. If you want to continue a sight-seeing tour of important World War II historical sights, check out 109 East Palace, where scientists once waited for the bus to take them to Los Alamos. 

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