• Santa Fe Art at Local Museum Exhibits

    Santa Fe Art at Local Museum Exhibits

    Santa Fe is home to an eclectic and dynamic array of artists, reflecting the long-standing cultural fusion known to Santa Fe.  The historic melding of Hispanic, Anglo and Native American cultures is beautifully reflected in Santa Fe art, making this […]

  • The Wells Petroglyph Preserve

    The Wells Petroglyph Preserve

    Anyone who has been to Santa Fe knows it is a region with a rich and fascinating history.  The city of Santa Fe was was originally occupied by Pueblo Indian Villages dating betwen 1050 to 1150.  Today, it is still […]

  • Canyon Road Paint Out

    Canyon Road Paint Out

    A Stroll along Canyon Road will put the beautiful art and history  of Santa Fe at your fingertips. Santa Fe’s Canyon Road is saturated with old world charm, reflected in its beautiful adobe architecture.  However, look a little deeper, and […]

  • Travel the Old Spanish Trail

    Throughout Santa Fe’s long history of conquest and violence, the town has also been the main center of culture and civilization in the Southwest. Early settlers of this region have left a legacy of architecture and culture that today makes […]

  • Tent Rocks National Monument

    Tent Rocks National Monument

    One of the best things about Santa Fe is the pristine nature found at your fingertips.  From the second you arrive in Santa Fe, you’ll notice the difference.  Simply due to the high altitude of Santa Fe, the city boasts […]

  • 301st Annual Fiesta de Santa Fe

    301st Annual Fiesta de Santa Fe

    Santa Fe, New Mexico is a magical, vibrant, and wonderful city to visit at any time of the year.  Santa Fe, nicknamed the City Different, embodies a rich history, melding Hispanic, Anglo and Native American cultures whose influences are apparent in […]

  • Kids love Santa Fe

    Often times, people think of Santa Fe as an adult-friendly travel destination.  Much of the Santa Fe scene revoles around the arts, history, and culture. But rest assured; Santa Fe is just as kid-friendly as it is adult-friendly!  Santa Fe […]

  • Santa Fe shopping in the summer

    Santa Fe Shopping Santa Fe shopping is an experience to be remembered.  Take a walk around Santa Fe’s historic plaza and the concentration of shops in that area, and you will discover what makes Santa Fe shopping so remarkable.  Storefronts […]

  • Riding the Santa Fe Century

    Bicycling around Santa Fe Santa Fe is renowned by outdoor enthusiasts of any sport.  At an altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level, the city boasts 320 days of glorious sunshine each year; perfect weather to hit the great outdoors. […]

  • Award winning Santa Fe Chefs

    Renowned Santa Fe cuisine If you consider yourself a foodie, or maybe you just love food like the rest of us, Santa Fe is the perfect destination to explore your palette.  Voted the best food town in 2012, Santa Fe […]

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