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Santa Fe Holidays; A Season of Magic


Santa Fe holidayDecember is one of the most festive, and also remarkably affordable, times to visit Santa Fe.  With 300 days of sun to boast of each year, Santa Fe’s blue skies inspire visitors to take a hike through our glorious mountains, to sit back and watch the beauty of a winter sunset, to enjoy a delicious dinner in our award-winning restaurants, or to shop for unique gifts to go under the Christmas tree.  No matter what it is you’re looking for this winter, give yourself the unique gift of a Santa Fe holiday, and you’ll give yourself a memory for ages.  Stay with us at the El Farolito Inn Bed and Breakfast this winter, and experience the magic of a Santa Fe holiday season.  Walk through our historic Plaza, where you’ll find find the tree-lined streets filled with shops decorated and transformed for the spectacular holiday festivities.    Read More

Santa Fe Art at Local Museum Exhibits


Santa Fe ArtSanta Fe is home to an eclectic and dynamic array of artists, reflecting the long-standing cultural fusion known to Santa Fe.  The historic melding of Hispanic, Anglo and Native American cultures is beautifully reflected in Santa Fe art, making this city a perfect destination for art lovers.  While visiting Santa Fe, you can easily spend your time wandering through the more than 250 galleries along Canyon Road, downtown Lincoln Avenue and the Railyard District.  If you long for a deeper connection to Santa Fe art, wander the halls of our world-class museums and see why Travel & Leisure lists Santa Fe as the #3 city for museums. Santa Fe is home to the 3rd largest State Museum system in the country, and these museums are constantly updating their awe-inspiring exhibits.  When you stay at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, you’ll be surrounded by a city teeming with culture.  El Farolito Inn is located just minutes away from four of the major museums in Santa Fe; the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and the Museum of International Folk Art.   Read More

The Wells Petroglyph Preserve


Wells Petroglyph PreserveAnyone who has been to Santa Fe knows it is a region with a rich and fascinating history.  The city of Santa Fe was was originally occupied by Pueblo Indian Villages dating betwen 1050 to 1150.  Today, it is still known as the oldest capital city in the United States, and the oldest European community west of the Mississippi. Even though European settlers did not truly settle in the region until the early 1600’s, most archaeologists agree that many of the early Pueblo Indian Villages had been abandoned about 200 years before.  The surviving Pueblo Indian populations, which is estimated at 100,000 people, were spread out in approximately 70 adobe pueblos, which still survive today.  Despite the sometimes violent history of Santa Fe, the city today continues to embrace both its Native American and European roots, which is what gives the city such a distinctive culture.  Don’t miss your chance to stay with us, and experience this one of a kind history.

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Canyon Road Paint Out


Canyon Road Santa FeA Stroll along Canyon Road will put the beautiful art and history  of Santa Fe at your fingertips. Santa Fe’s Canyon Road is saturated with old world charm, reflected in its beautiful adobe architecture.  However, look a little deeper, and you’ll see the incredible diversity that makes this 1/2 mile stretch of road so popular.  Canyon road is the perfect tourist destination, with over a hundred galleries, jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, home furnishings shops, artist studios, and gourmet restaurants to explore. When it comes to art, you can find pieces from contemporary, abstract, modern, expressionistic, figurative, photorealistic, traditional, western or Native American artists alike.  Santa Fe, which famously got its start as an artists colony, is still is home to a variety of artists, many of which you can visit in their studios along Canyon Road.  Whether you’re new to Santa Fe’s art scene, or have long been an admirer, plan on spending the day in Canyon and see why it has long been considered a place of creative inspiration.  Situated just minutes from  this popular destination, our luxurious Santa Fe bed and breakfast is the perfect place to stay while in Santa Fe.

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Travel the Old Spanish Trail


Throughout Santa Fe’s long history of conquest and violence, the town has also been the main center of culture and civilization in the Southwest. Early settlers of this region have left a legacy of architecture and culture that today makes Santa Fe the most significant historic city in the American West, also making it a history lover’s playground.  Long before European explorers landed in North America, trade was a way of life throughout this region.  Thoughout history, the city of Santa Fe became the target of explorers and adventurers from the east who saw their glory there.  It was more than goods that were exchanged across these trade routes; ideas and culture were also exchanged, with trade at the heart of the region’s prosperity.  One of the many trade routes leading into Santa Fe is the Old Spanish Trail, an old pack-mule trail which linked Santa Fe to settlements in Northern Mexico.  Book your stay at the El Farolito Bed and Breakfast Inn, and spend a day or two exploring history along the Old Spanish Trail.

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Tent Rocks National Monument


Tent Rocks National Monument Santa FeOne of the best things about Santa Fe is the pristine nature found at your fingertips.  From the second you arrive in Santa Fe, you’ll notice the difference.  Simply due to the high altitude of Santa Fe, the city boasts 320 days of sunshine, all four seasons, brilliant blue skies and some of the purest air in the world.  There are so many things to do in the great outdoors of the Santa Fe region, but Tent Rocks National Monument is not to be missed.  Located just under an hour west of our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, visiting Tent Rocks National Monument is a great way to spend a day under the Santa Fe sun.  If you’re ready to breath in the cleanest air around, then book your vacation with us now, and don’t miss this beautiful National Monument.   Read More

301st Annual Fiesta de Santa Fe


Santa Fe, New Mexico is a magical, vibrant, and wonderful city to visit at any time of the year.  Santa Fe, nicknamed the City Different, embodies a rich history, melding Hispanic, Anglo and Native American cultures whose influences are apparent in everything from the architecture, the food, the art and so on.  There is no better time to experience the splendor of our city than in early September, when you can enjoy two spectacular weekends of celebration on our historic plaza.  Join Santa Fe in celebrating the historical and cultural beauty that is Santa Fe in the Fiesta de Santa Fe.  The Fiesta de Santa Fe has been held every year since 1712, thus making it the oldest continuous community celebration in the United States.  This stunning fiesta is a unique blend of rich multicultural heritage commemorating the return of the Spanish colonists to Santa Fe.  Don’t hesitate to book your room with us at El Farolito Bed and Breakfast Inn now, so you don’t miss this spectacular event.    Read More

Santa Fe nightlife


Few, if any, small cities in America can claim an arts scene as thriving as Santa Fe’s—with opera, symphony, and theater in abundance.  Music is as integral to Santa Fe art and culture as our famous galleries and restaurants, culminating in a Santa Fe nightlife scene as eclectic and diverse as the culture.  The quaintness of Santa Fe provides a wide variety in choice of nightlife.  If you’re in a spontaneous mood, simply take a walk through the city streets and listen for music.  You may end up at any given bar enjoying an intimate musical experience.  Navigate your way through the Santa Fe nightlife, and you’ll experience a variety of music with the reputation of being raw, edgy, and original, complete with rhythms that move the body and soul like only New Mexico can.  Santa Fe’s musicians and studios work together to create a singular Santa Fe sound, reflective of the City Different’s natural and cultural landscape, including genres such as Americana, rock, jazz, classical, flamenco, reggae, electronica, avant-garde, Native American, African, and others.  Venues throughout Santa Fe, often small and intimate, make for an unforgettable music experience.  Many of these spectacular places are just steps away from your door when you stay at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn. Read More

Kids love Santa Fe


Often times, people think of Santa Fe as an adult-friendly travel destination.  Much of the Santa Fe scene revoles around the arts, history, and culture. But rest assured; Santa Fe is just as kid-friendly as it is adult-friendly!  Santa Fe has activities to keep children of all ages happy; from skiing, hiking, horseback riding and biking trails, to outdoor parks. Santa Fe offers more than 50 scenic parks, from neighborhood rose parks to historical and athletic parks.  The Genoveva Chavez Community Center is the city’s largest recreational facility, and offers classes in kayaking, ice skating, yoga, Pilates, cycling and more.  Ice skating and hockey is also available during the public skating times at the arena. Read More

Santa Fe shopping in the summer


Santa Fe Shopping

Santa Fe shopping is an experience to be remembered.  Take a walk around Santa Fe’s historic plaza and the concentration of shops in that area, and you will discover what makes Santa Fe shopping so remarkable.  Storefronts sit wrapped around the historic Plaza and surrounding streets, tucked into historic adobe or Victorian buildings emanating originality.  You won’t find standard brand-name stores, or the high-end boutiques of New York showcasing international designers.  Instead, walking through the narrow streets of Santa Fe will bring you face to face with many local boutiques, galleries, food shops, home decor suppliers, and countless other unique retailers offering a variety of treasures for you to explore.  The free-spirited merchants behind these businesses embody the spirit of Santa Fe; a place where passion, inventiveness, and individuality speaks of the cities unbridled creativity.  If you’re looking for the chance to add some iconi turquoise jewelry to your collection, don’t miss The Golden Eye or Ortega’s on the Plaza.  Don”t hesitate to book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, and let your inner shopper experience our legendary Santa Fe shopping.    Read More