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Join Us For the Annual Burning of Zozobra and Santa Fe Fiesta


Burning of Zozobra Santa FeThe vibrant city of Santa Fe is a fun and exciting place to visit throughout the year, but summer is arguably the liveliest and best time for visitors to come for a taste of authentic  Santa Fe.  At over 400 years old, the city of Santa Fe has had plenty of time to cultivate the cultural ambiance prevelent throughout the city.  Summers in Santa Fe are full of enticing art markets and other art displays, the world-famous Santa Fe Indian Market, the beautiful sounds of the Santa Fe Opera, and the excitement of summer festivals.  One of the most popular of these summer festivals is the annual Burning of Zozobra, which is a fiery and exciting kick-off to the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe.  Book your room at Santa Fe’s El Farolito Bed and Breakfast Inn today, and reserve your place in Santa Fe during this exciting time of  year! Read More

Explore New Santa Fe Restaurants


Santa Fe RestaurantsCreativity is the backbone of all aspects of Santa Fe, from cultural flair and artistic expression, to the exquisite blend of flavors found on your plate at local Santa Fe Restaurants.  If you consider yourself a foodie, or if you just happen to love good food, then you’ll want to pack your appetite on your next trip to Santa Fe.  The city is filled with award-winning chefs, hearty New Mexican fare, such as breakfast burritos and green chile stews.  These scrumptious dishes are reason enough for Santa Fe to have earned a prominent place on the world’s culinary map.  If you haven’t had the chance to staunch your hunger at the world-renowned restaurants of Santa Fe, then now may be the perfect time to hit the town for a mouthwatering culinary adventure, with the opening of new Santa Fe Restaurants.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, where you will be situated near the culinary wonders found in downtown Santa Fe. Read More

Santa Fe Summer Festivals


Santa Fe Summer FestivalSummer is a truly exciting time to be in Santa Fe, no matter whether you’re here for the exquisite regional cuisine, the legendary shopping, exciting outdoor adventures, the world-renowned arts, or just some good old-fashioned relaxation.  The aromatic scent of piñon trees, a constant throughout Santa Fe summers, sets a unifying backdrop to your exploration of this bustling city. The high season for Santa Fe tourism begins in June, and the crowds continue to swell the cities ranks throughout the summer months.  With so many fun and exciting things to do and see during the summer, including a wide range of exciting summer festivals and summer markets, it’s no wonder Santa Fe is such a popular summer destination.  Book your stay at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast now, and experience the excitement of summer in Santa Fe first hand. Read More

Discover the Bold World of Santa Fe Art


Santa Fe ArtWhen we think of Santa Fe art, it immediately elicits imagery of desert landscapes and vivid sunsets, made famous by renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe. In Santa Fe, art is a colorful journey into the past, the present, and the future of our culturally diverse city.  Just as the city isn’t a one-size-fits all travel destination, neither are the arts found here.  Rather, you’ll find a diverse array of art suitable for every taste, even those who wouldn’t typically call themselves an art lover.  We urge you to try something new this spring.  Book your stay at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the unique and fascinating world of art found in the City Different. Read More

Find Great Shopping in Santa Fe


Santa Fe shoppingThe historic city Santa Fe embodies a culture so rich and dynamic, that it infuses every aspect of the city, including the architecture, the food, the art, the shopping, and the people themselves.  Dating back to the mid 19th century, traders have used Santa Fe as a hub for trade of essential and luxury items, a tradition that is still alive and strong today.  Spend a day shopping and Santa Fe, and you’ll experience a cultural avalanche of priceless goods and unique handmade items, including unique Native American goods.  Like most things in Santa Fe, shopping experiences are unique, occuring in small boutiques, trading posts or large open air markets where you get a chance to meet artisans face to face.  Book your room at our luxury bed and breakfast today, and getaway to Santa Fe for a weekend to see what sorts of treasures you can bring find. Read More

Santa Fe Mountain Biking


Santa Fe Mountain BikingOne of the things visitors love most about their time spent in Santa Fe, is the beautiful and pristine nature found in the area.  At 7, 000 feet above sea level, Santa Fe is the highest Capital city in the United States.  Thanks to the lofty heights achieved here, Santa Fe residents and visitors alike enjoy 320 days of sunshine per year, all four seasons, brilliant blue skies and some of the purest air in the world.  In fact, Santa Fe was recently ranked as the #2 City With Best Air Quality by Health.com.  If the noticeably clean air isn’t enough to entice you to Santa Fe this spring, then maybe the tremendous mountain biking opportunities that are found here will.  In fact, last year, Singletracks.com ranked Santa Fe as being one of the top ten mountain biking destinations in America.  The hills of Santa Fe are waiting; book your stay at our luxury Santa Fe Inn today, and get read to hit the trails. Read More

Tune In to Santa Fe Music


It should be no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with the thriving city of Santa Fe to hear that the Santa Fe music scene is as diverse and intriguing as the rest of the city’s unique facets of culture.   Music is just one of the many ways this city brings the vibrant art culture of Santa Fe to life.  With so many wonderful Santa Fe music venues to explore while on vacation here, you’ll never have the chance to be bored. Stay at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, just steps from the heart of downtown Santa Fe, and take the time to explore the ways in which music fuels the creative passion of Santa Fe.   Read More

Gay Travel Culture Thrives in Santa Fe


Gay Travel Santa FeIn terms of progressive cities to visit, you really can’t beat Santa Fe.  The beautiful city of Santa Fe opens its arms and embraces travelers with diverse interests and different backgrounds, as everyone comes to Santa Fe in search of discovery, wonder and adventure.  The roots of Santa Fe’s legacy began when the city opened their arms to a wide variety of artists, and it is this welcoming spirit that continues to drive the culture of Santa Fe.  These qualities and more have led Santa Fe to be listed as #4 in the top five Gay Travel destinations by Travel & Leisure!  Santa Fe specifically caters to gay and lesbian travelers, and currently has the fifth-most same-sex-couple households.  If you’re looking for a friendly Gay Travel destination, the don’t hesitate to book your stay at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast now, and begin your Santa Fe adventure!   Read More

Romantic Getaway to Santa Fe


Santa Fe romantic getawayValentine’s Day is near and that always brings up thoughts of romance, and romantic getaways.  The old-world feeling found in the city of Santa Fe is the epitome of romance.  In fact, Santa Fe has recently been listed as the 4th best city for a romantic getaway by USA Today Travel; beat out only by Victoria, Canada, Savannah, Georgia, and St. Paul, Minnesota. Romance in Santa Fe is a theme echoed everywhere; from the beautiful and unique architecture, the romantic reminders of a legendary history, the exquisite art galleries and museums, the world-renowned cuisine, and dramatic landscapes and colors found in the natural surroundings of Santa Fe.  A visit to Santa Fe can be a bit like visiting another country, where you’ll be immersed in a different culture unique to the City Different.  Book your stay at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast now, and find out why Santa Fe is the perfect city for a romantic getaway this winter.   Read More

Santa Fe Art Proudly Exhibits “Renaissance To Goya”


Santa Fe ArtSince the beginning of its days as a legendary trade center, and especially since the days of the New Deal Art programs, Santa Fe has been a city filled with a dynamic and beautiful array of art produced by the regions many artists.  In this vibrant city, you’ll find an eclectic mix of Native American art, international folk art and contemporary art of all shapes and sizes. In 2012, Santa Fe was named the #4 city for museums and galleries by Travel And Leisure.  Even more impressive, Santa Fe has been named the #7 best city in the world for art and architecture.  With these accolades standing behind the city, we find no shortage of reasons to visit our beautiful city.  Come explore the more than 250 galleries and the dozen or so museums for yourself, and you’ll soon find out why the Santa Fe art scene has become so popular with visitors the world over.  If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting reason to visit Santa Fe this winter, then we have the perfect event for you.  Stay with us at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, and you’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the worlds finest prints and drawings in the Renaissance to Goya exhibit at the New Mexico Museum of Art.   Read More